About the Collective

Support Kansas City acts as fiscal sponsor and provides logistical and facilitative support for the Collective.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Through leadership development, the Cultural Competency Collective fosters an inclusive learning community that leads to equity in services.

Vision: Our vision is that everyone in the Kansas City region respects and values the diversity of all people.

Organizational Chart

Learning Community
The Collective’s core service is monthly Learning Community Meetings that attract diverse groups to discuss a variety of social topics such as health disparities, implicit and explicit bias, transracial foster care and adoption, poverty simulations, and much more.

Technical Assistance

What is the Collective’s Role?

A major component of the Collective is access to individualized cultural competency Technical Assistance to help organizations assess cultural competence in their agencies and develop work plans for improvement.

How do agencies participate?

To participate, agencies apply for Technical Assistance, which is geared toward all levels of staff. 

How do agencies prepare?

They are asked to examine individual attitudes and assumptions and then develop shared definitions and goals. This method impacts thinking and actions among individuals and organizations, setting the stage for continued learning.

What is the process?

The Technical Assistance process includes analysis of agency polices and procedures, providing recommendations for ways that all stakeholders in the agency can serve as catalysts for ongoing change in agency quality and infrastructure. 

How is Technical Assistance administered?

Technical Assistance supports a combination of interactive learning, training by national experts, and facilitated problem-solving to promote individual learning and agency change.

How are organizations selected to participate?

Organizations are selected through a competitive RFP process and receive up to 12 months of Technical Assistance as well as Learning Community membership.  As of 2018, nearly 35 organizations have participated.

Technical Assistance Outcome

Resource Development Institute completed an evaluation of the Collective’s Technical Assistance program that covered its first two years. The report focused on intermediate outcomes which demonstrate:

  • Changes in organizational policies and procedures;
  • Changes in leadership support, planning and service design;
  • Changes in the attitudes, motivations and skills of agency personnel related to cultural competency; and
  • Tangible changes in how direct services are delivered.

For a retrospective overview of the Collective’s early years, read the Cultural-Competency-Year-3-Report published in 2011.

How We Got Started

REACH Healthcare Foundation

The REACH Foundation introduced a Cultural Competency Initiative in 2008, now the Cultural Competency Collective of Greater Kansas City, with an aim of increasing understanding and practice of cultural competency in health and human service organizations — and with a long-term goal of reducing barriers that contribute to health disparities.

Health Forward Foundation

The Health Forward Foundation joined REACH in support of the initiative in fall 2010, expanding the number of area agencies involved. Since that time, Jackson County Mental Health Fund and Shumaker Family Foundation have joined this effort.

Collective Impact

Additionally, the framework of the Collective was developed based on the Collective Impact theory. Here are a couple of resources about Collective Impact:

Understanding the Value of Backbone Agencies in Collective Impact

Collective Impact Forum (Readiness Assessment)

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